Odlanor: A Threat To Online Poker


Surely you are wondering what Odlanor is? For online poker players there is cause for concern as this is malware intended to reveal the hands of online poker players. The goal is for hackers to be able to see them without difficulty. This virus worries more and more, especially as sites like PokerStar and Full Tilt are concerned.

Odlanor: how it works

This is obviously a computer virus. So far, the virus has not yet been able to appropriate players’ passwords, usernames and bank details. However, Odlanor has the ability to show the cards in the hands of players. This is a mode of operation that allows others to obtain the target’s maps, as the malware screens the maps in duplicate. Currently, the main sites affected by this phenomenon are Full Tilt and PokerStars.

Cheaters who appropriate the cards mainly attack players using smartphones as support, especially those who are jailbroken. The objective of the user is to know the cards of the targeted player during an online poker game and to place a bet on the revealed hands. According to the Eset company which discovered this virus, the number of players who have been infected in the last 6 months has increased. The countries with a large number of victims are Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The firm further emphasizes that its discovery dates from April of this year.

A virus to be taken seriously

Odlanor seems to be a piece of malware to be taken seriously, because with all of its capabilities, players may start to wonder. This is because the virus can perform file downloads from a remote computer, it can execute these files and take screenshots. Further still, it can automatically upload a new version and uninstall itself automatically without any problem. After the virus finishes collecting the data it needs, including screenshots, it then sends the data.

For these cheaters, this virus can prove to be a real resource, as it can screenshot the people who are the targets. They thus obtain the identity of the target and their private card. Finally, they just have to find their victims through the search tools and then play against these people. The company that discovered the malware designed a system that could detect its presence. But the first thing to do in this case is to immediately change the passwords that are in the computer. Online poker players will now have to be vigilant, as the design of viruses intended for this kind of site is more and more intelligent.

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